Global Urban Public

Global Urban Public


Urbanisation is taking the world by storm, without stopping, without waiting, or questioning, our public spaces are growing.  We too have changed – urbanites globally have drastically evolved to adapt to an influx of people and places.

Human behaviour has become urbanised, global, connected.  Even those that try to escape by moving to outer spaces, drag the socio-economic pull of urban development, while also transferring their own city mentalities – thereby urbanising those new spaces.

Human behaviour is an evolutionary process continuously seeking expression externally.

We cannot run from the urban ghost that is slowly making a life within our inner most personal spheres, but we can understand our urban evolution, our urban behaviours, and learn how to create resilient and socially connected urban societies by re-creating and sharing urban public spheres.

The case of Istanbul and contemporary Turkey is pivotal to the global experience. The immense and continuous socio-political change the country and region face, along with unprecedented levels of urbanisation and globalisation, impact the daily lives and social relations of Istanbulites – a pattern noticeable globally.

This research and documentation is their story – an ethnographic tale of Istanbulites within the city, that have left the city, and have left Turkey.  It is also the story of the changes to the regional urban circle, and the connections to the evolving global urban public, linking to other major cities: Berlin, Beirut, London, Paris, Milan, New York, Barcelona, Melbourne, and Sydney.